Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing For Change

I found this really neat video on YouTube today. Playing For Change. It takes one song sung by people all over the world then edited together. It is so awesome! I especially love the song; Stand By Me. There are a total of six videos uploaded and are part of an award winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music" I added the video widget to my page at the right, you can check out the videos from the documentary.

Google Grandpa Elliot. You will be amazed at this wonderful musician. He is awesome... wish that Jazz was more main stream... he would head up the list!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Is Coming. I Think?

Spring is coming. I think? This past week has been nice and sunny. Warm but with a bit of nip in the air.

I know Spring MUST be coming. After all. Hubby just tilled up his garden! AND cut his potatoes up to plant. Well some of his potatoes... he still has a few yet to cut. Have you ever cut out the eyes and ate the insides of seed potatoes? The best eating potatoes ever.

This week I'm getting ready for my friend Carolyn to visit. She is visiting for a week. While here she and I are going to a Maureen McNaughton Seminar. I am so looking forward to the seminar and Carolyn's visit.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Dear

Well it's Friday February the 13th, 2009. Now I am not at all superstitious about Friday the 13th. I had two grandchildren born on the 13th of their month. While one was born on a Tuesday and the other on Thursday they do have birthday's on Fridays. Which makes those days all so special.

I haven't painted this week, but I did create a recipe card for an exchange. I belong to a Yahoo Group called Chic-Chicks. It's a fun group and reminds me a lot of the old ToleNet mailing list. The above scan of my card was sent to Darlene Iglehart, in Waco Texas. Which thrilled me as we have known each other since 1999, meeting at the Wichita SDP National Convention.