Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maureen McNaughton

If you know me well you will know that my painting sun rises and sets on Maureen McNaughton.

The very first "Big Brush" book I ever purchased was by Maureen McNaughton. When I took it home I read it front to back. And knew this is how I wanted to paint when I grew up. This was back about 1990 or so.

Later in the 1990's I started to go to the HOOT Convention. The very first year I met and started rooming with a very wonderful and funny lady from California, Kathy Dysert. That year we resolved to room together anytime we attended a convention together. We had so much fun together.

In 1999 Doxie Keller was SDP President. She started a Task Force early in her administration to study and develop a Teachers Certification program for SDP. Two of the people on the Task Force was my friend Kathy Dysert and my painting Hero, Maureen McNaughton.

Unknown to me Kathy and Maureen became good friends while at their Task Force meetings! And that year while at HOOT. Maureen wanted to room with Kathy. While Kathy and I had been going to HOOT for several years, Maureen had not. So I had not met my Hero yet.

When Kathy told me of this dilemma, we decided that we would have two connecting rooms. Sheesh to meet Maureen I'd slept in the bathtub!

I was so thrilled to meet Maureen and found her to be a very fun and gracious lady. One night I was in their room and since they were all ready for bed, I said I would go back to my room and let them sleep. Since both were in their bed, I offered to turn off the light.

Maureen quipped, "And do you tuck us in too?"

Where I responded, "Of course."

I rushed to Maureen's bed and started tucking her in, going from her shoulders to her toes and back to her shoulders. When I got to back to her shoulders I looked her in the eyes and said, "I'm your number one fan......"

Maureen looked over at Kathy, "Kathy I've feeling like I'm in that movie; 'Misery!" If she comes out with a typewriter, I'm out of here!"


I've had classes with Maureen since then at convention but never a seminar. So I was really thrilled to learn that Darla Foreman of Turtle Hollow, , was having a three day seminar for Maureen in Oklahoma City! I immediately signed up for the seminar and enjoyed the three days with my friend Maureen.

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  1. Beautiful,beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!What more can I say!